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Published -  5th Sep by Jim Ramsden

Why is it so quiet here?

Hello faithful fridge users, I thought it was about time I explained why things have been so quiet. The answer is simple really – no spare time.

The time I used to spend updating the site has been swallowed up by three other projects.

1. Etch – things have been busy since we started the company 12 months ago.
2. – building a new product for teachers
3. Being a Dad – I made a baby in June, and they poop and eat a lot!

Some of you may be surprised to learn that Design Fridge is run by me and me only, and the only reason I started it was to keep track of all the sites I liked.

What started as a tool for personal use, has grown into a resource that’s used by thousands everyday – which is awesome and why I’ve kept the site running.

Without fresh content, the site is not so useful anymore and this makes me feel a bit guilty.

Time to get things back on track

Fresh look
Believe it or not, I have found time to squeeze in the start of redesign. The current version of Design Fridge is nearly 4 years old, so it’s long over due a redesign, hoping to get the new version live in October.

Bigger team
To make sure it get’s enough attention, I’ve moved Design Fridge over to be an Etch side-project. That way the whole team can look after the site, and maybe take it up a gear.

New features
We’re adding some new features to the new version of DF, and if there’s any features you’d like to add, now’s the time to suggest it.

Written by Jim Ramsden

I'm Jim, a craftsman of pixels and lover of tech-shizzle. I work at Etch where I design & build interfaces for kicks.

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  1. Robert O’Shaughnessy Robert O'Shaughnessy September 10th, 2013 at 1:18 am

    I was starting to get worried. I checked your twitter feed to make sure you were not dead or injured or stuck in crevasse somewhere.

    I still kept faithfully checking the site every few days to for my design hit.

    Soooo glad you are back don’t ever leave me again.

    There are lots of design aggregators out there but I love your taste. The next time you decide to take a break remember somewhere there will be a sad Irish man constantly hitting refresh on his browser waiting for your return.

    Keep up the awesome work and congrats on the baby!

  2. Ajesh K S Ajesh K S September 10th, 2013 at 7:55 am

    This is a good gallery especially for The UK webdesign style also i can see some new websites links that haven’t listed in any of other web design galleries. I am used to check with this website when i start new projects designs.

  3. Inguna Trepsa Inguna Trepsa September 10th, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    I am one of this crowd of fans hoping, yearning for a post or other sign of life. I let out a small sigh every time I am denied this small pleasure, which, sadly, reveals the troubled state of my internet habits.

    P.S. I’m with Robert I love your taste.